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 Invasion Event!

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MensajeTema: Invasion Event!   Vie Feb 04, 2011 9:42 am

An explanation to understand this event.

Invasion Event!

Main objective
Defend the city is being invaded.

Secondary Objectives

Defender entries to ensure the arrival of supplies (NPC Buffer / Shop)
Caring for entries with some players will help reduce the number of mobs per wave

Extra objectives

Extra objectives may appear, increasing the reward obtained at the end of the event if you done it.

Event Development

5 waves of mobs come at each entrance to the city (10-15 per wave, can vary depending on how many are participating and the city)
The supplies come in 5 minutes, after having started the event.
After the withdrawal of supplies, some waves will begin to enter the city, are so may attack sellers.
Mobs invaders of Elmoreden Kingdom:
Divinity Army of Anais
Dark Army of Beleth
Demonic army of Tiat
Time limit: 30 minutes

How to win:
Defending the city (killing all mobs) before time runs out.
Citizens will reward you with apigas / gbs and sometimes Accessories / Agathion among other things

How to lose:
Not to defend the city in the time limit (too many mobs in the city)
Mobs are aggressive in certain areas of the city, attacking anyone who enters its range (regardless of whether or not participated in the event), seriously affecting the situation of the city (they will be respawned for a couple of days only)


Those who have registered can not leave town
If anyone is disconnected or something and is not present in the delivery of reward, reward will not be given.
Reward will be given only to 1 pj account and only that participated and recorded in the defense (not to others who have dualbox)
They can not bug the mobs in some way or another
Not allowed PK / PVP between registered users in the event (sometimes the mobs are out of town for a few moments)
Those are not registered at the event can help, but their only reward will be no invaders in the city.
Comply with these rules may leave them without reward partially or completely.

How to register in the event:

Sending wisp to GmAlcark (me Very Happy), when registration opens, which will be announced in the game when is approaching the beginning of the invasion (registration will open for 5-10 minutes depending on how many players are ON, then who is not registered will not earn reward).

Other important info:
The lvl and power of each invading army may vary, but usually exceed lvl 80.
Invasions in sudden things can happen and / or unexpected alliances, withdrawals, etc..
So far, these invaders have been recognized as an army, may appear troops or small groups seeking to conquer the city in its own right (such as extra targets)
If they lose again and cities (Gludio / Dion, etc) these will be linking (counts the number of times you have lost) according to where they are (Gludin to Gludio, Gludio to Dion, Dion to Giran, for example) and each once the waves will be bigger and the guards stay longer in the cities (maximum 1 week)
InvasionGuards whether or not in the cities, other events and activities will normally apply (Elpy / Hide n Seek / Survivor, etc)

Well there is the explanation of the event (to not explain a lot ingame) Very Happy
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Invasion Event!
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